Red Apple Farm

"Your Authentic, New England, Family Farm"

Our Story

Nancy & Al Rose


The Rose Family has welcomed family, friends, and guests to experience the authentic charm of our apple farm for four generations. Dedicated to creating family traditions and memories, we aim to preserve the nostalgia of the farm's idyllic setting while embracing the progress that empowers us to stay sustainable and relevant. Our environmentally responsible orchard care reflects the deep commitment we feel to the health of both the people and the land. We love our 18th-century buildings and fieldstone walls, and we are proud that a wind turbine stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 100-year-old apple trees.

Since expanding in 2015, our new locations at the Boston Public Market and Wachusett Mountain ski area have allowed us to keep the farm running all year round, so you can enjoy a taste of fall in New England, no matter what season it is. Now, you can shop online to have your favorite farm fare delivered straight to your doorstep!


The farm is conveniently located just 5 minutes off of Route 2.  Check our website for more information about festivals, Brew Barn weekends, and other special events at the farm.  

You can also find us year-round in downtown Boston at the Boston Public Market or during ski season at Wachusett Mountain.

The Farm

455 Highland Avenue, Phillipston, MA, 01331

"Drive Thru" Pick Up 

Monday - Sunday

9am - 5pm